300+ Spanish Printables for Kids

Spanish printables about 'Counting'

What color are the horses
Write down how many horses and what color they are.
Count the balloons
Count the balloons and write how many of each color there are. The first example is done for you
Draw the missing objects
Draw in the missing images
Complete the sentences and write the correct numbers on the blank shirts
Complete the sentences and write the correct numbers on the blank shirts
Draw in the animals
Complete the flashcards with images according to the numbers of animals given
How many are there?
How many are there? Copy the questions and answer them. Some help is given by examples
Draw the pictures
Draw pictures of all the items coming out of the rucksack
Shaping transportation
Each shape represents a mode of transportation. Use the example to help you write your answers
How many?
Count the different vehicle types. Fill in the gaps
What is there?
Start at the top left and work your way through the images to say what each one shows
Musical instruments
Write down how many of each type of instrument there are. For example 'Hay tres guitarras' (There are three guitars).
I have' practice
Let's see! What is each person holding on their tray? An apple perhaps? Or maybe three oranges...
Fruit and vegetables
Draw the fruit and vegetables according to the numbers shown of each.
Dino and Lupi's sentence challenge
Look at the images before completing the conversations. One conversation has been completed for you
How many apples?
Count the apples. Fill in the gaps.
Unlikely elephants
Write sentences about the elephants shown, following the example given.
Fruit count
Follow the example given for all the other fruits
Food items
Write down precisely what you see, for example: 'Dos manzanas' (Two apples).
¿Cuántas patatas hay?
For each image of potatoes follow the format shown in the example: A. Seis B. Seis patatas C. Hay seis patatas (A. Six B. Six potatoes C. There are six potatoes).
Copy and complete the sums
Copy and complete the subtractions
Counting pens and pencils
Count the pens and pencils, and write the numbers in the spaces provided.
Describe the animals
For the other animals shown, follow the formula in the example given
Count the elephants
Count the elephants and write in the spaces how many there are each time.
How many fruits?
Complete the sentences. Finally, draw your own picture and add sentences to match.
How many brothers and sisters have you got?
Write down the numbers of brothers / sisters. Finally, draw a picture for 'Tengo cuatro hermanas y cuatro hermanos'
Colored monkeys
Monkeys! What color? Big or small? How many? Answer these questions in what you write, using the examples for help
Name and count the clothes
Name and count the items of clothing shown, using the examples to help you
Big and small vehicles
Follow the examples with the helicopters to write about the other vehicles
I have / I don't have
Write whether or not the children shown have a book, using the examples for help
How many oranges?
Write how many oranges are shown in each image. Example: Dos naranjas (Two oranges)
Follow the arrows
Follow the arrows and draw the fruits as you go. Two examples have been done for you
How many of each drink?
Orange juices, glasses of milk and glasses of water. Say how many of each are shown. Example: Un vaso de leche (A glass of milk)
Animal drawings
Each box has a title. Draw what that title says
Fruity drinks
Identify the drinks and write how many of each you see. Two examples have been done for you
Coloring worksheet
Color the apples green or red. Name each colors and how many apples are shown. Example: Verde, Dos (Green, Two)
How many?
How many swings are there? How many slides are there?
Counting up objects in Spanish
Copy the words describing how many of each thing you see
How many objects?
Write the number of objects shown in each image