300+ Spanish Printables for Kids

Spanish printables about 'Favorites'

Tengo sentences
Answer the questions, starting each answer with 'Tengo' or 'No tengo'.
Email sheet
Compose an email by completing the sentences
Email sheet
Use this example to help compose your email
What colors are the yo-yos?
Name the colors and answer the questions.
Favorite colors
Only one color is the favorite! Use the example for help
Favorite things
Insert the verbs in the correct spaces and name your favorites in each category
My favorite animal
Name you favorite animal, draw it and then answer the questions about it
Favorite animals
List the animal names, then write out sentences as if each animal were your favorite. For example: A. Un cocodrilo B. Mi animal favorito es el cocodrilo.
My favorite color
Name the colors and say which is your favorite