300+ Spanish Printables for Kids

Spanish printables about 'Spellings'

Conversation creation
First copy the words, then use them to create a conversation
Sporty wordsearch
A sports wordsearch with only images as your guide!
Days crossword
Do the crossword. The days need to be in Spanish of course!
Animal anagrams
Animal anagrams. Also draw pictures of the missing animals
Food anagrams
Use the images to help you decipher the anagrams
Letters for numbers
Each number represents a letter. Make words by checking which letter each number represents
Food wordsearch
Find all the foods listed!
Name the animals
Fill in the gaps to name the animals. Stick to a 10 minute time limit!
Draw the pictures
Draw pictures of all the items coming out of the rucksack
Copy the words
Copy the words under the corresponding images
Coloured vehicles
Copy the sentences. They describe the different vehicles
Dino and Lupi chat
Complete the dialogue you heard in the video between Dino and Lupi
Sentence match
Copy the sentences and match them to the right images
Copy out the numbers and write the missing numbers in the spaces provided.
Food ordering
Write out the order of the images shown for potato, apple and orange combinations. An example is given
Starting letters
Write the name of at least one animal whose first letter is given for you
Complete the song lyrics
Complete the lyrics for the song
Animal wordsearch
Find the animals in the puzzle.
Scrambled food and drink
Unscramble the words below each image.
Family wordsearch
Find the listed family members in the puzzle. Copy the names in the spaces provided.
Classroom item wordsearch
A wordsearch for the 6 common classroom items pictured. What are they called in Spanish?
Color anagrams
Unscramble the letters and color in the multicolored umbrella incorporating all the colors!
Weather symbols
With the images and the first letter of each weather type to help, fill in the gaps
A Great Search
Find the words listed in the big word search
Grid words
Write each word in its corresponding circle
Spanish greetings
Write the greeting which fits each time of day shown in the images
Meet the Spanish children
Copy the names of the Spanish children