300+ Spanish Printables for Kids

Spanish printables about 'Transportation'

Fanned themes
Name 5 things for each theme, following the example given
Describing vehicles
Name each vehicle and say if it is big or not
Fan categories
Write six words for each category in each Spanish fan
Shaping transportation
Each shape represents a mode of transportation. Use the example to help you write your answers
How many?
Count the different vehicle types. Fill in the gaps
Coloured vehicles
Copy the sentences. They describe the different vehicles
Color the vehicles
Read the sentences and color in the vehicles accordingly
Antonio's cars
Which cars belong to Antonio? Examples are given for help
Word categories
Put the names of things in the boxes which correspond
Vehicle descriptions
Use the 1,2,3,4 answers given for the truck to write about the other vehicles
Big and small
Look at the images of big and small modes of transport. Write three sentences for each, using the examples shown as a guide.
Big and small vehicles
Follow the examples with the helicopters to write about the other vehicles
Cars, trucks and buses
Draw cars, trucks and buses on the road. Then answer the questions
Transport questions
Answer all the questions.