Long Term Planning

Lesson plans are organised online as a set of levels within Key Stages.

The long term planning index lists each of the levels by Key Stage, with each level centred on a particular theme or location such as The Park, Sounds or Planets. For KS1 there are 10 levels, with around 14-19 lessons per level. For KS2 there are 25 levels, with more variation in the number of lessons per level.

The curriculum is structured to be flexible and meet a range of circumstances, whether you need a resource for the whole of KS1 and KS2, or perhaps KS2 only.

Using Speekee in KS1 and KS2

All levels can be run sequentially, from the start of KS1 to the end of KS2. Some KS2 activities recap and review language which was covered in KS1; you can use these as review opportunities, use them to build depth, or choose to omit them.

Using Speekee in KS2 only

The KS2 levels can also be used for new starters i.e. those children who have not already studied Spanish in KS1. You will find that all of the language covered in KS1 is also covered in the KS2 lesson plans.

Whichever approach you choose, in your medium term planning you can use the planning tool to timetable your chosen lessons.

Long term planning