Level 10 - Party

About this level

A birthday party is the theme for the final level. Level ten is quite challenging for the children, largely because it reviews selected language from previous units - on occasion in blocks at a time - to consolidate language the children have learned over the course of this Scheme of Work. As a consequence, many of the activities are longer than in earlier units. In addition to the recapping, there's still some new language to be introduced, as well as plenty of writing practice and word recognition.

Learning outcomes in this level

Learning outcomesActivities
I can say my age
I can ask someone how old they are
I can make adjectives and nouns agree
I can describe how people are feeling
I can ask who it is
I can say that it's me
I can sing along to a song
I can name various body parts
I can say something hurts
I can organise words into a sentence
I can recall previous vocabulary
I can recite a nursery rhyme
I can recall phrases and questions learnt
I can email Spanish children using the vocabulary they have learnt
I can use the verb "tener" with expressions
I can name the seasons
I can say what the weather's like
I can associate seasons with weather conditions
I can use much of the language previously learnt to make a picture story
I can copy a dialogue, which revises much of the language already learnt

Activities in this level

ActivityTime required
1. Watch the episode (Party) 15 - 20 minutes
2. How old are you?  15 - 20 minutes
3. A boy / a girl  15 - 20 minutes
4. It's me 20 - 25 minutes
5. 'La nariz' song  25 - 30 minutes
6. It hurts 20 - 25 minutes
7. Dictation 15 - 20 minutes
8. Nursery rhyme 20 - 25 minutes
9. Personal profiles 25 - 30 minutes
10. Email to Spain 25 - 30 minutes
11. 'Tener' expressions  15 - 20 minutes
12. Seasons 20 - 25 minutes
13. Picture story 25 - 30 minutes
14. Dino and Lupi sketch  10 - 15 minutes
15. Review 'La fiesta' 15 - 20 minutes

Key language in this level

¿Cómo se llama?¿kommo seh yammah?What's his/her name?
¿Cómo te llamas?¿kommo teh yammass?What's your name?
¿Cuál es tu color favorito?¿kwal ess too collor favohreetoh?What is your favorite colour?
¿Cuántos años tiene Marina?¿kwantoss anyoss tee-eneh mahreenah?How old is Marina?
¿Cuántos años tienes?¿kwantoss anyoss tee-eness?How old are you?
¿Cuántos niños hay?¿kwantoss neenyoss ay?How many children are there?
¿Qué hora es?¿keh orah ess?What time is it?
¿Qué tal?¿keh tal?How are you?
¿Qué te gusta?¿keh teh goostah?What do you like?
¿Qué tiene Lucía?¿keh tee-eneh lootheeyah?What does Lucí­a have?
¿Quién es?¿kee-en ess?Who is it?
¿Tienes un animal?¿tee-eness oon aneemahl?Do you have an animal?
El brazoel brahthohThe arm
El inviernoel eenbeeyerhnohWinter
El otoñoel otonyohAutumn
El pieel pee-ehThe foot
El veranoel berahnohSummer
Es (Victoriano)ess (beektoreeahno)It's (Victoriano)
GraciasgrahtheeassThank you
Hace caloratheh calohrIt's hot
Hace fríoatheh freeyohIt's cold
Hace solatheh solIt's sunny
Hace vientoatheh beeyentohIt's windy
Hay cinco niñosay theenkoh neenyossThere are five children
La bocalas bokkahThe mouth
La cabezalah kahbethahThe head
La narizlah nahreethThe nose
La orejalah ohreh-hahThe ear
La piernalah peeyernahThe leg
La primaveralah preemahvehrahSpring
Las manoslass mahnossThe hands
Las piernaslass peeyernassThe legs
Llevo una camiseta y una faldayevoh oonah kameesetah ee oonah faldahI am wearing a T shirt and a skirt
Los brazosloss brathossThe arms
Los ojosloss oh-hossThe eyes
Los piesloss peeyessThe feet
Lucía tiene un yoyólootheeyah teeyeneh oon yohyohLucía has a yo-yo
Me duelemeh dwelehIt hurts
Me gusta jugarmeh goostah huugahrI like playing
Me gusta jugar y pintarmeh goostah huugahr ee peentahrI like playing and painting
Me llamo ____meh yammoh ____My name is ____
Mi color favorito es el azulmee kolohr fabohreetoh ess el athoolMy favourite colour is blue
Mi color favorito es el naranjamee kolohr fabohreetoh ess el narahnhahMy favourite colour is orange
Muy bienmwee beeyennGreat
Muy bienmwee beeyennVery well
Muy bienmwee beeyennWell done
NievaneeyehvahIt snows
NievaneeyehvahIt's snowing
No lo sénoh loh sehI don't know
QuierokeeyehrohI want
Quiero un heladokeeyehroh oon elahdohI want an ice cream
Son las cincosonn lass theenkohIt's five o'clock
Soy yosoy yohIt's me
Tengo ____ añostehngoh ____ ahnyossI am ____ years old
Tengo calortehngoh kahlohrI am hot
Tengo fríotehngoh freeyohI am cold
Tengo hambretehngoh ahmbrehI'm hungry
Tengo sedtehngoh sethI'm thirsty
Tengo sueñotehngoh suuenyohI am sleepy
Tengo un hermanotehngoh oon ehrmahnohI have a brother
Tengo un perrotehngoh oon pehr-rohI have a dog
Tengo un perro grandetehngoh oon pehr-roh grandehI have a big dog
Tiene diez añosteeyehneh deeyeth ahnyossHe/she is ten years old
TomatohmahHere you are
Un bolioon bohleeA pen
Un elefanteoon elefahntehAn elephant
Un heladooon elahdohAn ice cream
Un niñooon neenyohA boy
Un niño contentooon neenyoh kontentohA happy boy
Un ositooon osseetohA teddy
Una bicioonah beeth-eeA bicycle
Una manzanaoonah manthahnahAn apple
Una niñaoonah neenyahA girl
Una niña contentaoonah neenyah kontehntahA happy girl
VamosbamossLet's go