Level 12 - Shopping

About this level

Level 12's episode is 18 minutes' long and is all about shopping. So there are lots of examples of food types as well as pricing of items. Maggie is the shop assistant and she serves Victoriano (buying pizza ingredients), Aitana (Spanish omelette), Julia (salad), and Ana Belén (sandwich).

Learning outcomes in this level

Learning outcomesActivities
I can name food ingredients
I can price food items
I can select the right ingredients
I can what colour something is
I can say what colour something is
I can ask how many of something there is
I can ask how much something costs

Activities in this level

ActivityTime required
1. Watch the episode (Shopping) 15 - 20 minutes
2. Food labels 15 - 20 minutes
3. Prices 15 - 20 minutes
4. Omelette or sandwich? 10 - 15 minutes
5. Red tomatoes 20 - 25 minutes
6. Potatotals 15 - 20 minutes
7. At the market 20 - 25 minutes
8. Level 12 revision 10 - 15 minutes
9. Review Shopping 15 - 20 minutes

Key language in this level

¿Cuántas patatas hay?¿kwantass pahtahtass ay?How many potatoes are there?
¿Cuánto es?¿kwantoh ess?How much is it?
¿De qué color son las manzanas?¿deh keh coloh sonn loss manthahnass?What colour are the apples?
¿De qué color son los tomates?¿deh keh coloh sonn loss tomahtess?What colour are the tomatoes?
Dos cincuentadoss theenkwentahTwo fifty
Son rojossonn roh-hossThey are red
Son verdessonn behrdessThey are green
Un bocadillooon bokahdeeyohA sandwich