Level 25 - Whodunnit?

About this level

Level 25 is a 'whodunnit?' mystery starring all the Spanish children. In the unfolding story there's a burglar, eyewitnesses, a detective, and various suspects. Language input includes a list of nouns, likes and dislikes, plus how to describe people.

Learning outcomes in this level

Learning outcomesActivities
I can talk about likes and dislikes
I can ask who someone who someone else is
I can give clues about an object
I can use the past tense to say what there was
I can ask questions about what someone looks like
I can describe someone
I can say what I have
I can say what I don't have
I can ask with questions using expressions
I can asl and answer questions using verb 'to have'

Activities in this level

ActivityTime required
1. Watch the episode (Whodunnit?) 15 - 20 minutes
2. Likes and dislikes 15 - 20 minutes
3. Hidden speakers 15 - 20 minutes
4. PassWord 15 - 20 minutes
5. Flag it up 15 - 20 minutes
6. Guess Who 20 - 25 minutes
7. Have writing practice 15 - 20 minutes
8. Have questions 15 - 20 minutes
9. Level 25 revision 25 - 30 minutes
10. Review Whodunnit? 15 - 20 minutes

Key language in this level

¿Es Kelly?¿ess kehlee?Is it Kelly?
¿Esta contento?¿esstah kontentoh?Is he happy?
¿No te gusta tocar el tambor?¿noh teh goostah tokar el tambor?Don't you like playing the drum?
¿Qué había?¿keh abeeyah?What was there?
¿Quién es?¿kee-en ess?Who is it?
¿Te gusta bailar en tu dormitorio?¿teh goostah bylahr en too dormeetorioh?Do you like dancing in your bedroom?
¿Te gusta nadar?¿teh goostah nahdar?Do you like swimming?
¿Te gustan los monos de África?¿teh goostan loss monoss deh afreekah?Do you like African monkeys?
¿Tiene el pelo rubio?¿tee-eneh el peloh roobiyoh?Does he/she have blonde hair?
¿Tiene gafas?¿tee-eneh gaffass?Does he/she have glasses?
¿Tiene los ojos azules?¿tee-eneh loss ohoss athooless?Does he/she have blue eyes?
¿Tiene un bigote?¿tee-eneh oon beegoteh?Does he have a moustache?
¿Tiene un sombrero?¿tee-eneh oon sombrehroh?Does he/she have a hat?
¿Tienes ____?¿tee-eness ____?Do you have ____?
¿Tienes la hora?¿tee-eness lah orah?Do you have the time? (ie What time is it?)
¿Tienes mucho calor?¿tee-eness moochoh callor?Are you very hot?
¿Tienes primos?¿tee-eness preemoss?Do you have cousins?
¿Tienes un animal favorito?¿tee-eness oon aneemahl favoreetoh?Do you have a favourite animal?
¿Tienes un color favorito?¿tee-eness oon collor favoreetoh?Do you have a favourite colour?
¿Tienes un hermano?¿tee-eness oon ehrmahnoh?Do you have a brother?
¿Tienes un perro?¿tee-eness oon pehrroh?Do you have a dog?
Es amarilloess amareeyohIt's yellow
Es grandeess grahndehIt's big
Es un animaless oon aneemahlIt is an animal
Está contentaesstah kontehntahShe is happy
Me gusta el tenis y me gusta el ping pongmeh goostah el tehneess ee meh goostah el peen pohnI like tennis and I like table tennis
Me gusta jugar al fútbolmeh goostah huugahr al fuutbollI like playing football
Me gustan los coches grandesmeh goostahn loss kochess grandessI like big cars
No me gusta el dentistanoh meh goostah el denteestahI don't like the dentist's
No me gustan las serpientesnoh meh goostahn lass sehrpeeyentessI don't like snakes
No me gustan los batidos de chocolatenoh meh goostahn loss bateedoss deh chokohlahtehI don't like chocolate milkshakes
Tengo ____tehngoh ____I have ____
Tiene el pelo largoteeyehneh el pehloh lahrgohHe/She has long hair
Tiene el pelo rubioteeyehneh el pehloh roobeeyohHe/She has blonde hair
Tiene los ojos azulesteeyehneh loss oh-hoss athoolessHe/She has blue eyes
Tiene una barbateeyehneh oonah bahrbahHe has a beard
Un leónoon leyohnA lion