Level 19 - Haunted house

About this level

Level 19. A haunted house on Halloween night! There are spiders, witches, ghosts, and two brave children investigating all the spooky goings-on.

Learning outcomes in this level

Learning outcomesActivities
I can ask if there is more of something
I can repeat a nursery rhyme
I can recognise and use various expressions
I can say that it's me

Activities in this level

ActivityTime required
1. Watch the episode (The haunted house) 10 - 15 minutes
2. Sweeties 10 - 15 minutes
3. Incy Wincy Spider 10 - 15 minutes
4. 'Tener' expressions 10 - 15 minutes
5. It's me! 10 - 15 minutes

Key language in this level

¿Cuántos caramelos hay?¿kwantoss karameloss ay?How many sweets are there?
¿Hay más?¿Ay mass?Are there more?
La Araña Pequeñitalah aranyah pekenyeetah'Incy Wincy Spider'
Soy yosoy yohIt's me
Tengo calortehngoh kahlohrI am hot
Tengo fríotehngoh freeyohI am cold
Tengo hambretehngoh ahmbrehI'm hungry
Tengo miedotehngoh meeyehdohI am scared
Tengo sedtehngoh sethI'm thirsty