300+ Spanish Printables for Kids

Speedy Speekee Spanish!
Draw and name as many things in Spanish as you can in 5 minutes!
Final sentences
Write sentences which include each of the words shown
All about you
Answer the questions with true answers!
Tengo sentences
Answer the questions, starting each answer with 'Tengo' or 'No tengo'.
Seasons practice
Copy the season names; Say if the sentence is correct or incorrect; Write the correct version of the sentence
Describe the people
Write three sentences if you can for each person pictured
Name 9 objects of your choice
Name 9 objects coming out of the rucksack and draw them too
What there was
Look at the example three sentences for the trousers. Use those as a model for all the other images you see
Email sheet
Compose an email by completing the sentences
Email sheet
Use this example to help compose your email
Animal profiles
Write a profile for each animal. Use as much language as you can!
Describe the animal
Look at the example three sentences for the lion. Use those as a model for all the other animals you see
Do you like?
Ask the question and then answer it based on the images. The first one has been done for you
Conversation creation
First copy the words, then use them to create a conversation
Have got / has got
Simply copy the example, changing the object each time
I want
'I want a/an', Name each of the objects shown
Write out the answers in letter form, as shown in the two examples
Complete the conversation
Complete the Dino and Lupi conversation
Cards of hearts
Simply follow the example to name and number each of the playing cards
Doctor, Doctor
Match the picture to the Spanish phrase
Out of the hat
Name the animals coming out of the hat then categorise them into farm and zoo animals
What color are the horses
Write down how many horses and what color they are.
Count the balloons
Count the balloons and write how many of each color there are. The first example is done for you
Song lyric spellings
Decide if the lyrics are wrongly spelled (tick or cross) and write in the correct versions.
Choose the right color
Check the example first before filling in all the gaps
Count the candles
Count the birthday candles and fill in the gaps to say how old you are.
Name the fruits.
Match the song titles to lyrics
Match the song titles in bold with the lyric snippets.
What colors are the yo-yos?
Name the colors and answer the questions.
Copy and draw
Copy the words 'La fiesta' and draw a picture of the party.
Direction arrows
Either draw the arrow pointing in the correct direction or write down the direction it points to
Coloring practice
Color in the boy using the colors shown, ticking them off as you go
Days of sport
Following the examples given, write which sports you do and on which days you do them
Dartboard numbers
Write down all the numbers on the dartboard
Expressions to copy
Write what you like doing above each picture. For example: Me gusta nadar (I like swimming)
Play battleships!
Sporty wordsearch
A sports wordsearch with only images as your guide!
Hopscotch numbers
Fill in the hopscotch gaps with the numbers shown - in the correct sequence.
Mock conversation
Practice the conversation in pairs, then change the necessary words so that the answers apply to yourself.
Conversation completion
Complete the conversation based on the information that's already there
What's in the bag?
In the spaces provided, write the names of the items taken from the bag.
Colored hands and feet
Describe the colored hands and feet (two examples have been done for you). Then do some examples of your own
Days crossword
Do the crossword. The days need to be in Spanish of course!
Draw the missing objects
Draw in the missing images
Animal anagrams
Animal anagrams. Also draw pictures of the missing animals
Sports I like
Match the sentences with the images
Family wordsearch
Find the listed animals in the wordsearch
Brief interviews
Fill in the gaps using the words in the box
Complete the sentences and write the correct numbers on the blank shirts
Complete the sentences and write the correct numbers on the blank shirts
Food anagrams
Use the images to help you decipher the anagrams
Restaurant dialogue
Complete and practice the dialogue.
Draw in the animals
Complete the flashcards with images according to the numbers of animals given
Copy the numbers
Copy the numbers in letter form
Letters for numbers
Each number represents a letter. Make words by checking which letter each number represents
Things I like doing
Match the sentences with the pictures and complete the last sentence
Food wordsearch
Find all the foods listed!
Write the names of the drinks.
Describing my pets
Say whether the pets are big or small by filling in the gaps. The first two examples are not quite complete so complete those first
¿Qué quieres para beber?
Complete the conversations by using the images as prompts, following the example given.
How many are there?
How many are there? Copy the questions and answer them. Some help is given by examples
Look or Listen?
Look or Listen? Choose the right options according to images and the examples given for help
The menu
Each food type is numbered but where does it fit on the menu? Is it a starter, main dish, or dessert?
Copy and draw
Copy the words 'El jardín' and draw a picture of the garden.
Menu match ups
Match the food and drinks on the menu with images to the right
Color the flags
Color the flags according to the number codes at the bottom of the page
What am I?
Fill in the gaps using the words shown below
Door numbers
Write the numbers shown on the doors
Name the animals
Fill in the gaps to name the animals. Stick to a 10 minute time limit!
Fanned themes
Name 5 things for each theme, following the example given
Shaping up
Depending on the shapes, ticks and crosses you see, simply follow the example
Ping Pong Faces!
Draw the facial feature as named beneath each ping pong ball. On the eighth ball, draw all the features!
Draw the pictures
Draw pictures of all the items coming out of the rucksack
Verb flowers
Make six 'verb flowers'. Use these verbs: Pintar, Bailar, Jugar, Cantar, Estar, Tener. Check in the dictionary where necessary.
Opposites attract
Copy the words into the spaces below the pictures; copy the pictures into the spaces above the words
¿Cómo se escribe ____?
Spell each of the items.
Weather match
Match the weather types with the corresponding images, then draw the images according to the weather types
Weather types
Write in the correct names of each weather type
Fill in the gaps using the words in the box, then number the objects and name them
Name the flavors
Name the ice cream flavors in the order they appear. Follow the example given
What's it going to be?
The images to the left transform into the images to the right. Draw the missing images and write the missing words
Write down the name of each object, using a dictionary if necessary.
Who says what?
Who says what? Match Dino and Lupi with the sentences each says in the conversation
Copy the words
Copy the words under the corresponding images
Favorite colors
Only one color is the favorite! Use the example for help
Great syllables
Write out the necessary words in the colored shapes, using the syllables above
Name the items
Name the items shown
Spanish Cognates
Write the names of the objects in Spanish AND English. Notice the similarities.
Complete the song lyrics
Complete the song lyrics
I want a ...
Look at the pictures and use the phrases shown to fill in the gaps.
The most
Who's the youngest or the happiest? Which is the shortest or the coldest? Fill in the gaps with the words in the box
How many?
Count the objects and fill in the gaps
I have a present for you
The first example is almost complete. Once you complete it you can continue with the other three conversations
Copy and draw
Copy the words 'La playa' and draw a picture of the beach.
Darts for ages
Color coded darts for ages. Fill in the gaps
Describing vehicles
Name each vehicle and say if it is big or not
What are we going to do?
Fill in the gaps with pictures and/or the phrases shown at the bottom of the page
Ice cream flavors
Follow the model to write the other two conversations
Left and Right
Which vehicles are pointing to the left and which are pointing to the right?
Up and down with Snakes and Ladders
Write a different Spanish word in every box and then play Snakes and Ladders!
Clock times and clock faces
Match the clock times with the clock faces. Also complete the clock face with the hands missing
Fan categories
Write six words for each category in each Spanish fan
What does Speekee have?
Fill in the gaps, using the pictures and the words at the bottom of the sheet.
Shaping transportation
Each shape represents a mode of transportation. Use the example to help you write your answers
Is it a bus?
Fill in the gaps using the words at the bottom of the paper to help. Then copy the full sentences.
What time is it going to start?
Fill in the gaps. Follow the pattern to fully complete the last four clock times.
How many?
Count the different vehicle types. Fill in the gaps
Color the glasses
Color the glasses and write appropriate sentences. One of the examples has been completed for you
Listing words
Write a list of words you can remember in Spanish, then list words in English you would like to know in Spanish too
This and these
Depending on what you see write This or These in Spanish
Coloured vehicles
Copy the sentences. They describe the different vehicles
What's in the room?
There are two or three items numbered in each room. Name them
Dino and Lupi chat
Complete the dialogue you heard in the video between Dino and Lupi
What is there?
Start at the top left and work your way through the images to say what each one shows
Name the objects
Name all the objects shown. Two examples have been done for you
Sentence match
Copy the sentences and match them to the right images
Matching math
Match the sums with the answers
Copy out the numbers and write the missing numbers in the spaces provided.
Color the vehicles
Read the sentences and color in the vehicles accordingly
Make correct sentences
Split the series of letters to form correct sentences.
Antonio's cars
Which cars belong to Antonio? Examples are given for help
Spelling rooms
Name each room and label three items in each room. Use a dictionary to help.
Copy and draw
Copy the words 'La estación' and draw a picture of the station.
Friends and pets
Draw a picture, then write the name and age
Happy and Sad
Use the Happy and Sad faces to say whether or not you like the food items shown
Favorite things
Insert the verbs in the correct spaces and name your favorites in each category
¿Te gusta la música?
Answer the main questions and their follow-up questions. An example is given.
Correct or incorrect?
Mark the sentences as correct on incorrect, depending on whether they match the instruments. Where the sentence is incorrect provide the right sentence.
First match the ingredients with the pictures. Then copy out the dialogue which begins ¿Quieres un poco? (Do you want a bit?)
Musical instruments
Write down how many of each type of instrument there are. For example 'Hay tres guitarras' (There are three guitars).
I have' practice
Let's see! What is each person holding on their tray? An apple perhaps? Or maybe three oranges...
Fruit and vegetables
Draw the fruit and vegetables according to the numbers shown of each.
Drum practice
Without repeating the exact same combination of words, write about each drum image
¿Qué instrumento es?
Use a dictionary to check the names of the instruments you don't know, and write them down.
What's in the bag?
Six bags, but what's in each? Use the example for help
Command match
Match the commands with the appropriate images
Food ordering
Write out the order of the images shown for potato, apple and orange combinations. An example is given
I have a piano
Using the first conversation as your guide, finish the other three conversations
Color the fruit and vegetables
Color the fruit and vegetables according to their numbers
My favorite animal
Name you favorite animal, draw it and then answer the questions about it
Old McDonald
Fill in the missing words to 'Old McDonald'.
Dino and Lupi's sentence challenge
Look at the images before completing the conversations. One conversation has been completed for you
How many apples?
Count the apples. Fill in the gaps.
Like or not?
Write whether you like or do not like each animal.
Name the foods
Name the food items arrowed
Starting letters
Write the name of at least one animal whose first letter is given for you
Unlikely elephants
Write sentences about the elephants shown, following the example given.
Complete the song lyrics
Complete the lyrics for the song
Favorite animals
List the animal names, then write out sentences as if each animal were your favorite. For example: A. Un cocodrilo B. Mi animal favorito es el cocodrilo.
Fruit count
Follow the example given for all the other fruits
Fruit colours
Copy and complete the fruit names and colors
Animal wordsearch
Find the animals in the puzzle.
Copy and draw
Copy the words 'El mercado' and draw a picture of the market.
Animal syllables
Break up each animal name into its component syllables. Use the examples if you need help
Food items
Write down precisely what you see, for example: 'Dos manzanas' (Two apples).
Classroom item match
Match the classroom items with their names
Shopping carts
Look at items in the shopping cart. What is their total price?
Body parts
Write the body part names onto the girl. Draw yourself and label the body parts.
¿Cuántas patatas hay?
For each image of potatoes follow the format shown in the example: A. Seis B. Seis patatas C. Hay seis patatas (A. Six B. Six potatoes C. There are six potatoes).
Copy and complete the sums
Copy and complete the subtractions
Market stall
Identify and write as many food types as you can!
What's in the bag?
In the spaces provided, write the names of the items taken from the bag.
Scrambled food and drink
Unscramble the words below each image.
Family wordsearch
Find the listed family members in the puzzle. Copy the names in the spaces provided.
Shopping prices
Write the name of the food or drink and its price (an example is given)
What's missing? (1)
Find out which item is missing.
What's missing? (2)
Find out which item is missing.
What's missing? (3)
Find out which item is missing.
What's missing? (4)
Find out which item is missing.
What's missing? (5)
Find out which item is missing.
Counting pens and pencils
Count the pens and pencils, and write the numbers in the spaces provided.
Food labels
Write the names and prices of the items under the picture
Blue, black and red
Write the colors of the pens and pencils
Word categories
Put the names of things in the boxes which correspond
Classroom item wordsearch
A wordsearch for the 6 common classroom items pictured. What are they called in Spanish?
How much have you learned so far?
Write 20 Spanish words you have learned so far
Countries wordsearch
Find as many countries as you can in the puzzle. Example: holanda
Who is who?
Who is who? Draw arrows to match the pictures with the names
Matching characters
Cut out the pictures and the name boxes. Match the disguised characters with the names, and copy the names.
Drawing animals
Draw a quick sketch of each animal listed, making sure it's either big or small according to the instruction given.
Colored classroom items
Color in the unnamed classroom items with the named colors
Anything else? Yes!
Observe the example which lists the objects pictured. Then follow the same model for numbers 2-7
Next to? Behind? On? Use the examples for help
I have / don't have
Use the examples to help you say what you have or don't have
ID Cards
Use the information from the four ID cards to write three sentences for each. For example: Me llamo Mark; Soy de Argentina; Tengo seis años.
Complete the conversations
Complete the sentences according to the formula
What is your name?
Copy and fill in the gaps, and write your own name.
Practice 'Tengo' (I have) for each animal, following the example.
Copy and draw
Copy the words 'La clase' and draw a picture of the class.
Name the countries
Name the countries where these famous landmarks appear
Describe the animals
For the other animals shown, follow the formula in the example given
Spanish conversations 3
Use the example of Maggie to write conversations with the other Spanish children
Spanish conversations 2
Use the example of Maggie to write conversations with the other Spanish children
Count the elephants
Count the elephants and write in the spaces how many there are each time.
How many fruits?
Complete the sentences. Finally, draw your own picture and add sentences to match.
Name the countries represented by the flags shown. Use a dictionary to help.
Hungry and Thirsty
Are you hungry or thirsty? Look at the images and write your answers
How many brothers and sisters have you got?
Write down the numbers of brothers / sisters. Finally, draw a picture for 'Tengo cuatro hermanas y cuatro hermanos'
Colored monkeys
Monkeys! What color? Big or small? How many? Answer these questions in what you write, using the examples for help
My favorite color
Name the colors and say which is your favorite
Spanish numbers wordsearch
Find the numbers in this diamond wordsearch
¿Qué te gusta?
Write down what the images show, starting with: "Me gusta bailar"
Spanish animal sounds
Animals and the sounds they make to Spanish ears. Color the animals
Spotting similarities
Draw a line to match the Spanish and English animal names. Draw each animal, and practise writing the Spanish words.
Spanish conversations
Use the example of Maggie (at the top) to write conversations with the other Spanish children
Point to the animals
Point to the animals according to the appropriate questions. Say where each one is. Use the example to help you
Colder or hotter
Compare continents by saying which is hotter or colder depending on seasons
Color anagrams
Unscramble the letters and color in the multicolored umbrella incorporating all the colors!
Dino and Lupi pretend
Imagine Dino and Lupi pretending to be different animals. Complete the sentences
How big; how small (1)
Copy the correct phrases for each animal shown
How big; how small (2)
Match the phrases to the animals
What's the weather going to be like?
Write sentences according to the images shown. The first one is done for you.
Name the zoo animals
Name the zoo animals shown and color them in
Countries in Europe
Name as many countries in Europe as you can. In Spanish of course!
Write in the names of the seasons and add 3 verbs which are appropriate for each. Use a dictionary. Example: Esquiar (Ski) for Winter.
I'm big! I'm small!
Use the examples as a guide as you say whether you are big or small!
Animal maze
Help the elephant out of the maze.
Hot or cold?
Cross out the phrase which does NOT APPLY and label the items of clothing. You may need to use a dictionary.
Draw the animals
Draw the animals in the boxes and copy the names of each
Animal names
Mark the animals 1-8 in the order in which they appear in the video
Weather dominoes
Write each weather type as you see it on the domino
Copy and draw
Copy the words 'El zoo' and draw a picture of the zoo.
Weather symbols
With the images and the first letter of each weather type to help, fill in the gaps
Name and count the clothes
Name and count the items of clothing shown, using the examples to help you
Vehicle descriptions
Use the 1,2,3,4 answers given for the truck to write about the other vehicles
Singing names
Give each singer a name of your choice
Big and small
Look at the images of big and small modes of transport. Write three sentences for each, using the examples shown as a guide.
Colored clothing
Write the name of the clothing and its color, following the examples given in the first row
Big and small vehicles
Follow the examples with the helicopters to write about the other vehicles
¿De qué color es?
Answer the question by completing the gaps with the color on its own, with the color and the verb together, and with the color, verb and name of the transport vehicle shown.
From small to big
Example: A small piano; A piano; A big piano. Write the equivalents in Spanish depending on the images you see
Cars, trucks and buses
Draw cars, trucks and buses on the road. Then answer the questions
Days of the week
Which day of the week does each number correspond to?
Write the numbers which appear on each bingo card
Transport questions
Answer all the questions.
Meet the family
1. Write the names of family members in Spanish 2. Add 'My' in front of each one 3. Say what each one's name is
Incorrect or correct?
Cross out the words which are incorrect
I have / I don't have
Write whether or not the children shown have a book, using the examples for help
What's in each room?
In which room is each named object?
Write what you see, following the example.
Name the clothes
Name the items of clothing. Each is preceeded by Tengo (I have)
Mi casa
Label the pictures as grande / pequeña / muy grande / muy pequeña.
Write the names of the months on the calendar.
Write the names of the rooms, and draw the missing room.
Coloring worksheet
Color in the house
Which item goes in which room?
Match the images with the names of the rooms. Check in the dictionary for the names of the items and write them in the spaces provided.
Where is it?
Ask where the objects are and say where they are. Use the example for help
Number sequences
Complete the sequences of numbers. Say the numbers out loud in Spanish.
¿Qué es?
Circle the three food items which are named. Check in the dictionary for the names of the five others and write them in the spaces provided.
Drawing drinks
Draw each of the drinks
Copy and draw
Copy the words 'La casa' and draw a picture of the house.
Daily routine in Spanish
Say what time each event happens by matching the images with the clocks. And write the clock times in Spanish!
Name the fruits
Names the fruits shown, using the examples for help
Place the accents
Add accents where they are missing on words, and match the Spanish phrases with their English meanings
Where would you find it?
Match each object with the place you would find it (Cine, Museo, Supermercado or Bar)
Waiter, waiter!
What drinks is the waiter serving? Follow the example given to complete the conversations
Hot and cold
Copy and complete the Spanish for Hot and Cold, depending on the images shown
Family members quiz
Answer the questions! (The first one is done for you)
Family faces
Draw the face of a family member for each word
How many oranges?
Write how many oranges are shown in each image. Example: Dos naranjas (Two oranges)
Happy and sad
Copy and complete the Spanish for Happy and Sad, depending on the faces shown.
Family tree
Write the names of the nine family members in the tree.
A little or A lot
Write A little (Un poco) or A lot (Mucho) depending on the drinks shown
Ana Belen's relatives
Name each of Ana Belen's relatives based on what you saw in the video clip
Follow the arrows
Follow the arrows and draw the fruits as you go. Two examples have been done for you
Place match
Match the images with the places they correspond to
How many of each drink?
Orange juices, glasses of milk and glasses of water. Say how many of each are shown. Example: Un vaso de leche (A glass of milk)
Animal drawings
Each box has a title. Draw what that title says
Complete the sums.
Complete the conversation
Complete the conversation between Dino and Lupi
Billiard balls
Name each color and number
Write out the names of the numbers.
Fruity drinks
Identify the drinks and write how many of each you see. Two examples have been done for you
Coloring worksheet
Color in the cafe scene
Number sequences
Compete the number sequences. One goes up and up, the other down and down
What is it?
Write the names of the animals, and add two more of your own.
Coloring worksheet
Color the apples green or red. Name each colors and how many apples are shown. Example: Verde, Dos (Green, Two)
I like it/I don't like it
Draw the drinks. Choose and copy I like it/I don't like it, depending on whether you like each drink.
Copy the names of the colors and color the shapes
Circle the three blocks whose colors are listed. Then write down the colors of the other six blocks.
Copy and draw
Copy the words 'El café' and draw a picture of the cafe.
Color combinations
Name all the colors
Match up the Spanish and English expressions
Match up the Spanish and English expressions
Words for Numbers
Write each number in word form
A Great Search
Find the words listed in the big word search
Complete the sentences
Practice 'Be careful!'
Write the word ¡Cuidado! under each image
How many?
How many swings are there? How many slides are there?
Write the correct command for each picture. The commands are: Sube (Go up), Baja (Go down), Bebe (Drink) and Come (Eat).
Counting up objects in Spanish
Copy the words describing how many of each thing you see
Grid numbers
Simple math based on the patterns in the grid
Smiley faces
Complete the questions and answers.
Coloring worksheet
Color each object red, yellow, or green. Write those colors in Spanish in the spaces provided
Ups and Downs
Write 'Arriba' or 'Abajo' according to each image you see
Go up! Go down!
Follow the arrows to give the instructions: Go up! or Go down! Two examples have been done for you
Clock times
Write the times shown on each clock in the spaces provided. Example: Son las dos (It's two o'clock)
Grid words
Write each word in its corresponding circle
Coloring worksheet
Color in each car
How old are the Spanish children?
Each space represents a single letter. Check the ages before completing the sentences
Ages: fill in the gaps
Fill in the gaps in the text which corresponds to the images of birthday cakes
Copy the conversation
Copy the conversation between Dino and Lupi
How many objects?
Write the number of objects shown in each image
Maggie and Aitana
Copy the dialogue inside the box
Names: fill in the gaps
Fill in the gaps using the names shown, then invent names for the other three characters and repeat the process.
Copy the text
Copy the text in the spaces provided
Draw a picture of yourself. Copy the words to introduce yourself, using your own name!
Simple Spanish conversation
Complete the conversation between Dino and Lupi
Very well in Spanish
Write 'Muy bien' or 'No muy bien' according to the faces shown
Fill each speech bubble with a Spanish goodbye
Coloring worksheet
Color in Dino and Lupi
Spanish greetings
Write the greeting which fits each time of day shown in the images
Copy and draw
Copy the words 'El parque' and draw a picture of the park.
Everyone says Hello
Each Speekee character says hello in Spanish. Fill in the gaps
Meet the Spanish children
Copy the names of the Spanish children